Rony Sejaan is a fashion photographer currently based in Miami Fl. His artistic work began from an early age in Lebanon, a country renowned for its world famous fashion designers.

Having graduated with a BA in Marketing and Advertising, Rony worked in NGOs, and adopted photography as a part-time hobby then. He still managed to get published with two magazine covers, and was selected among finalists for a prestigious international photography award.

Rony then moved to Montreal, Canada, where he embraced full-time his passion for fashion photography. He has always been inspired by beauty, architecture, art and feeding his creativity appetite by learning different cultures.

Rony makes sure to give his clients a smooth pleasant experience and brings your ideas to the creative level for your brand to get the best professional results in the process.

He is also specialized in digital online marketing and branding; with skills that will surely help you and your image advice in today’s modern digital age.